Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's Socktober!

Where did the time go? I guess I was too busy enjoying the Seattle sunshine to realize that the calendar had flipped and it is officially Socktober! Let the festivities begin!

My first pair of Socktobersocks will be for LG (little guy). He's won a special place in his Momma's heart by always wearing his handknit socks as soon as they are clean.

LG got to choose the yarn from my newly acquired Twisted's hand-dyed yarn stash.
clickety click to embiggen and notice the orchid in the background - still alive!

And just how DOES a 4yo make a selection? By eenie meanie minie mo, of course!

I would have taken a photo of him winding the ball, but I was too busy cursing at my ball winder which kept popping off the spinny thing. It was not a pleasant experience.

Three episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season Two later, and we have leggage:
I am making them a bit bigger than the last pair as LG has been growing since April!


Lisak said...

Awwww.... Look at the face. True yarn love. What a kid. I'd knit for him too if I didn't have a couple of my own in line.

Sheila E said...

Well you have done it again....great pictures and the fastest knitting Mom in the world. Those socks are awesome!! I'm with Lisak, who can resist that face!! Great job Mom ;)

Angela said...

Awwwww. You know I adore your kids. Also, your sock knitting prowess!