Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The best weekend

I warned you, we had a great weekend. And now I have pictures to prove it. Lots of pictures. And they are all kind of big file size, since we used DH's new fancy camera to take them with. All of the photos are "clickety click to embiggen", so Mel doesn't have to ask.

The weekend started out Friday night, as any good weekend does. When I got home late from work (note to new company - who works late on a Friday anymore?) Teddy was chomping at the bit to go to his school's BBQ. I wasn't really planning on participating this year. The food is always bad, the lines are long, the kids get lost on the playground because it gets dark pretty early, and well, I end up spending too much money between the basket raffles and the book fair going on. Well, who am I to squelch school spirit? We had no dinner plans anyway. On campus, I immediately noticed these beautiful trees that had been planted since the last time I was there (it's been a while). These beautiful trees were all over campus. I asked Teddy to show us his contribution. It's the small tile with the yellow animal on a blue background. Looks like a llama, doesn't it? I was SO proud! No wait - it's a deer. A deer? (Looks like a llama to me). Ok, it's a deer. Still proud.

Saturday the Cub Scouts were invited by the local fire department to observe a training session. Cub Scout events are typically family oriented, but I stayed home with the two little ones for this. I wasn't sure how traumatized a 4/5 yo mind could be by this: Teddy and Jesper were both extremely impressed by what they witnessed. The fire fighters had a lot of time to answer the kids' questions, so all in all it was a very educational experience. Also note that I am not one to put pictures of other people on my blog without heir permission, but I thought this photo would be ok since the backs are turned on everyone except my son.

The rest of the day Saturday was spent running errands, knitting on the black stockinette project, watching Dragon Tales, and eating pizza at Lennart's house while the men worked on remodeling the bathroom. I should have taken photos. Better them than me!

Sunday morning we indulged Teddy with a trip to the Burke museum. DH drove, so I got to knit on the mindless stockinette sweater I showed yesterday. Teddy thought the Native American totem poles were awesome. It's a good thing, because he has to build one as part of a Cub Scout project.

After the museum, we decided to head in the general direction of a Seattle neighborhood named Ballard, to look at the locks. While driving around, I noticed we were in Freemont and had heard of a giant troll who lives there. DH didn't believe me, but he diligently "turned back there!" (it's a family joke) and this is what we saw:

From there we continued on and eventually found the Ballard locks (never did find the cupcake restaurant, though.) DH's new camera is awesome, here's proof: And proof that fish DO walk on water Across the locks by the salmon ladder was saw this neat wave sculpture (finally, all the kids agreed to pose) And down the path a ways there is an awesome rolling hill in case you have any extra energy at this point in the day

Round out the weekend with a quiet drive home, 3 napping kids, a stop at Krispy Kreme for coffee (ahem, see above where the cupcake restaurant was closed) and a wonderful meal cooked NOT by me. Now you can see why this was such a great weekend. And of course, the need to document it for all those weekends coming up when we are faced with the PNW winter weather.


sivia said...

Love your kid pictures! So adorable... It really WAS the best weekend!

kerry said...

Looks like fun was had by all!

That troll is cool!

Seriously bummed about that house, I think that was my dream house.

vanessa said...

your kids are just too cute!

renee said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love that big troll.

Joanne said...

Wow, what a fun weekend! I'll have to come along next time...I hope this makes up for the slow times at your desk during the week?

Angela said...

Oh, I think that rolling hill will need a visit next summer ;) I can race your kids down it.

denise said...

Oh my gosh - rolling down hills! That brings back happy childhood memories. Great photos, Jen. What a fun family weekend! Love the spiral sculpture. I'll have to put those on the list of places to visit.

Angela said...

What fun seattle pictures!!!

Angela said...

What fun seattle pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Cupcake Royale is a small place on 45th/Market, next door to La Tienda and the Majestic Bay theater. :)