Friday, January 05, 2007

That's a wrap

One of the reasons I started this blog is to stay in close touch with family and friends. I was warmly surprised on Christmas Day as I made my phone calls, to have numerous extended family members tell me how much they enjoy my blog. I am so glad that people are reading and enjoying it. I would say that is one goal accomplished.

Another reason for blogging is to keep track of knitting accomplishments throughout the year. Last January, the Purling P's suggested 2006 be renamed 200Socks. This sounded like a fun adventure and I happily signed up. In 2006, I completed 6 pair of socks. That's a pair every other month. I'm pretty pleased with this!

Now, for the list (drumroll......)

Sockapaloooza Socks
Little Blue Socks
Sixth Sense Socks
Little Guy Camouflage Socks
Hallowe'en Socks
Sockret Pal Socks

Koigu Gloves for the Peaceful Palms KAL
DS2 Mittens, from handspun

Koigu T-shirt with Long Sleeves
Decade Aran
Block Sweater
Cece, a Chicknits design, never photographed in its final state, gifted to Sam's daughters as it came out WAY too small
DS2's black sweater from LMKG, which he will not wear :-(

Diamond Fantasy Shawl
My So Called Scarf - gift for ISE3
Lucky Duck Scarf, from handspun
Ernie's scarf, from handspun

Diamond Fantasy Baby Blanket

DS HAT or would that be Dear Dog Hat?
Dad's Hat, from handspun

or what I did not finish last year
Single Pomatomus, Looking For Mate

WOW!!!!! I cannot believe I finished 5 sweaters last year! Sure, 3 of them were started the year (or 10) before, but still, that's pretty impressive for me! I really tried to focus on finishing what I started, and ripping what wasn't working, which leaves me in a much better place this year than last. I only have one single sock in search of a mate. I enter 2007 with a clear conscience and clean needles! What fun!


Peggy said...

That is an inspiring list!

Kerry said...

Holy cow, woman! That is one impressive list!